your full potential

Go faster and further
than ever before

Your Radinn board can be upgraded by the touch of a button. Purchase your upgrade code online, start the Radinn App, submit your upgrade code, and instantly you'll unleash the next level of performance.

Our Jetpack G3 is an extremely powerful and reliable jet engine. It comes in a Standard version and a Pro version, making it suitable for both beginners and advanced riders.

The battery pack is upgradeable too! You can almost double the capacity of your Power Pack by upgrading from Standard to Extended Range. Don't know what to choose? Take it in steps. Start by upgrading to Long range. If you find that you want to push it even further, you can upgrade to the Extended range whenever you want through the Radinn app.

Jetpack upgrades are delivered with a new jet nozzle that adds extra flair to you Radinn board. The Powerpack upgrades come with a Radinn dry bag keeping your belongings dry during the most extreme excursions.

Want more power?

Do you feel the need for higher speed and faster acceleration? Then let's take it to the next level by adding that extra performance that comes with the G3 PRO upgrade. We are confident that you will love what the extra thrust will do for your Radinn board.
Do you share the Radinn experience with someone that doesn't have your maverick personality? Don't worry, you can still toggle between our ride modes in the Radinn app.

Jetpack G3 options

The Jetpack G3 comes in two variants. Upgrade to the next performance level, at any time.


Speed up to

25 mph**


Up to 7,5 kW***


Speed up to

34 mph**


Up to 9 kW***

** Speed and acceleration depend on weather conditions, water temperature, battery pack's state of charge, and rider weight. These are typical values and not a guarantee of performance.

*** Configurable in the Radinn App.

Get your power upgrade now

From Jetpack G3 to JETPACK G3 PRO

How far do you want to push it?

Exploring new trails and getting off the grid has never been more fun. Our blue planet is our playground, and it gets a lot more accessible with a Radinn board. Go beyond the ordinary with the Long Range option, or unleash the possibility to really explore the unknown by upgrading to the Extended Range option.

Powerpack Options

Our Powerpack comes in three. Unlock its full potential by upgrading.



1,9 kWh

Ride up to

up to 25 min*



2,7 kWh

Ride up to

up to 35 min*



3,5 kWh

Ride up to

up to 45 min*

* Ride times depends on ride style, rider weight, battery pack's state of charge, air, and water temperature.
These are typical values and not a guarantee of effective ride time.

Get your range upgrade now

From Standard to Extended Range

From Long Range to Extended Range

From Standard to Long Range

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