Choosing an electric surfboard: what’s best for you?

Everything you need to know when buying an electric surfboard

We’re here to help you through the electrifying journey of choosing the e-surfboard of your dreams — guaranteed to bring your outdoor adventures to new heights, no waves necessary.

After all, with several types of electric surfboards on the market today, choosing the right one can be a daunting task. From learning about the product’s many features to factors such as performance, battery life, and maneuverability, understanding the electric surfboard essentials before purchase will make your experience on the water all the much more magical.

Learn about different electric surfboard setups to find the perfect fit for your skill level, size, and unique surf style.

Factors to consider when choosing an electric surfboard

A photo of a man carrying the Radinn Freeride jetboard / electric surfboard into the water to get ready to ride

The size and shape of your electric surfboard will affect the stability and agility of your ride

When it comes to what aspects impact the electric surfing experience, there’s much to consider. We’ve outlined the following key factors you should keep in mind to make an informed decision.

Desired performance level

Whether acceleration and torque or responsiveness and maneuverability, performance preferences are different for everyone. Maybe you want smooth and easy coasting, or maybe you want adrenaline-inducing stunts. No matter your desired performance level, start by considering the top speed and shape of the board, which contribute to different riding experiences.

Battery life

The most important thing to remember about electric surfboard battery life is that there are few objective ways to establish values for range, whether measured in time or distance. This is something that some e-surf brands brush aside. It’s easier (and advantageous) for manufacturers to cherry pick top ranges and claim them as a set specification.

It’s also important to remember that increasing the speed and acceleration of the jetpack requires more energy from the battery cells, thus resulting in shorter riding times. The same goes with the rider’s weight and riding conditions — battery life can change drastically if a child is riding versus an adult, or if you are riding smooth waters versus choppy currents.

At Radinn, our battery specifications are benchmarked to represent an average ride time accounting for all factors. The Radinn Battery has a mixed-condition ride time of 45 minutes on G3 Extended. To be clear, these benchmarks can increase significantly if you’re riding with lightweight riders or on lower ride modes.

Board size and shape

The size and shape of electric surfboards varies greatly. Larger boards are heavier and sometimes harder to handle, but also offer enhanced stability and control. Smaller boards are more lightweight and easier to handle, but can be harder to master for beginner riders.

Radinn’s latest line of electric surfboards has two size and weight options, all of which are easy to manage thanks to our design modularity and transport solutions. The Radinn Freeride and Radinn X-Sport are our heavier, more stable electric surfboards, while the Radinn Carve is lighter and more agile.

The Radinn battery is the heaviest component and it detaches from the board in seconds. Our jetboards can be kept in the basement or garage, thrown into any midsize SUV, and brought to the beach, dock, or boat with minimal effort. Our complete jetboard package also comes with a portable board bag that has back straps and luggage wheels for extra-easy transport.

Safety features

Always check for safety features such as battery-connector waterproofing and kill switch attachments. These features ensure your safety while riding and will provide you peace of mind during your sessions.

Value and pricing

Set a budget and compare the price of different electric surfboard brands and models. Consider the value offered by each board in terms of materials, features, performance, tech capabilities, and durability. If the prices are on the higher end, it should be clear why.

Radinn electric surfboards are manufactured with high-quality materials, including powerful motors, lithium-ion batteries, and durable carbon bodies. Additionally, each of our electric surfboards are packed with the latest cutting-edge technology. This makes Radinn electric surfboards on the more expensive end of the spectrum, but it also means that they provide the absolute best experience for our customers. When it comes to electric surfboards, what you pay for is what you get.

Reviews and recommendations

Reading reviews and recommendations from other users is a crucial step of the electric surfboard buying process and one you should not skip. It will best predict what your actual experience will be like.

Don’t hesitate to also read up on coverage in the media and from established publications in the industry. These objective, third-party articles can be a trusted source of information and insight.

Warranty and customer support

Check the warranty offered by the manufacturer and ensure that there is reliable customer support in case any issues or concerns with the board arise.

Radinn has an industry-leading warranty and a customer support process that is closely monitored and managed on a first-come, first-serve basis with an average reply time of 20 hours.

Matching an electric surfboard to your skill, style, and body type

An action shot of an advanced rider exploring the high-performance features of the Radinn jetboard / electric surfboard

Be sure to consider your preferred surf style and the water conditions in your area before purchase

Below is a short guide to helping you choose the electric surfboard that is right for you.

Assess your skill level

If you're a beginner or intermediate rider, it's generally recommended to choose a slightly larger and more stable board. This provides better balance and control as you learn and progress. Advanced riders who are comfortable with maneuvering can opt for smaller and more responsive boards.

Account for your body weight

Your body weight plays a role in determining the appropriate board size. Heavier riders typically require larger boards with increased buoyancy to support their weight, maintain stability, and improve planing. Lighter riders may prefer smaller boards as they produce less drag and require less buoyancy.

Consider surfing style and conditions

Reflect on your preferred surfing style and the typical water conditions that you'll encounter. If you live on a bay that offers mostly flat, calm waters you may want a larger board that offers high speed. If you live in an area with waves or want to focus on nailing tricks and jumps, a smaller board with increased agility will be best.

Test ride before deciding

Whenever possible, try out some different brands and models of electric surfboards before purchase. This will give you a feel for the different features and allow you to better understand which style best suits your needs.

Look up Radinn demos and rentals to find one of our electric surfboards to test ride in your area.

Choosing a Radinn electric surfboard

A photo of two jetboard / electric surfboard riders experiencing the thrill and performance of the Radinn Carve

Radinn electric surfboards offer something for every kind of rider

With Radinn, it's easy to customize your electric surfboard to your own needs and preferences. Our hull constructions and fin configurations offer plenty of options, so you can find the perfect board for your experience level, size, and style.

Our G3 lineup: something for everyone

The Radinn Carve offers a unique feel due to its lighter design, lower buoyancy, and jumping capabilities. It’s a blast to learn how to ride, with a responsive shape and raised kickpad. It’s designed to carve through water and delivers on those deep, ultra-controlled turns.

The Radinn Freeride is our premium model. It has the same silhouette as the X-Sport and holds the perfect balance between agility and stability, but offers a higher-end feel with layers of glass and carbon fiber, resin, paint, and varnish. This model has an innovative hull adapted to slice through waves and choppy waters, as well as features that direct the spray of water down when you are turning, resulting in gained thrust.

The Radinn X-Sport is our most durable model. Its ultra-resistant hull technology—which originates from windsurf boards and extreme-kayak production—can handle rough conditions thanks to a fiberglass reinforcement and ASA polymer outskin. Like its forebearer the Freeride, the X-Sport maintains an innovative, hydrodynamic design and is easy to get started on but also responsive enough for more playful riding. The Radinn X-Sport is also the world’s first-ever jetboard made for rental use, and has gone through rigorous product testing and improvements to make it impervious to all-day action.

Which Radinn model is best for you

The Radinn Carve
Our most agile board, perfect for:

  • A responsive feel and high-performance ride
  • Performing tricks like wave-riding, jumping, and rail-to-rail transitions
  • Moderate to advanced riders or those more familiar with with board sports
  • Lightweight riders who require less buoyancy


The Radinn Freeride
Our sleekest board, perfect for:

  • A premium feel and versatile ride
  • Performing tricks like hang ten, cross-stepping, slides, and 360s
  • Beginner to experienced riders
  • Lightweight to heavy riders


The Radinn X-Sport
Our most durable board, perfect for:

  • A sportier feel and ultra-rugged ride
  • Those looking for all-day action or an electric surfboard to be used in a rental capacity
  • Beginner to experienced riders
  • Lightweight to heavy riders


A diagram comparing the skill level, performance features, and specifications of each of the Radinn electric surfboards in our G3 lineup

A comparison of the Radinn electric surfboards in our G3 lineup


Finding the right electric surfboard is the key to unlocking an extraordinary adventure out on the water. By understanding electric surfboards’ various features and carefully considering factors such as skill level, style, and body type, you’ll be able to find the electric surfboard perfect for you.

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