The history of Radinn jetboards

30 March, 2021
Jetboard riding under a boardwalk on the Radinn Freeride

Our journey from student project to cutting-edge jetboard scale-up

How did the idea to make an electric watercraft turn into the world’s best jetboard company? All it took was a little radical innovation. 

Jetboard student project

A group of students at Sweden’s Lund University pioneer an electric jet-powered surfboard as part of their school project.

A heritage of sustainable Swedish engineering

Radinn started as a student project at Lund University in Sweden back in 2013. The idea originated from a desire to make an eco-friendly version of the gas-powered boards that were on the market at that time.

The Wakejet Cruise jetboard

Radinn releases its first generation of jetboard crafted from off-the-shelf materials and built by hand by a small team of engineers.

A story of grit and passion

Generation I of the Radinn electric jetboard was called the Wakejet Cruise. This jetboard was built entirely in-house in Malmö, Sweden—a hub of Scandinavian ingenuity—in 2016.

Radinn G2X jetboard

Design modularity and an IoT platform are introduced. Radinn establishes industrial manufacturing, becoming the world’s first mass-produced jetboard.

Revolutionizing the watersports industry

In 2018, Radinn becomes the first watersports company to completely digitize a product through an integrated IoT platform. The development of this cloud-based system allows for a handful of advanced capabilities, including the ability for customers to download new features and purchase remote software upgrades.

In the same year, Radinn makes waves as the first commercial electric jetboard company, completely disrupting the industry with our innovative design and technology.

Radinn G3 Carve + Freeride jetboards

Two new hull styles—the Radinn Carve and the Radinn Freeride—are added, complete with under-the-hood improvements and enhanced performance features.

A complete family of electric jetboards

Radinn’s third generation of jetboard, the G3, is released in 2020 with performance improvements and developments to driveline electronics. New hull styles are added, resulting in a three-model product line.

Radinn X-Sport jetboard

Radinn’s Rentals + Lessons Program makes its debut alongside the launch of a new, ultra-durable jetboard. Radinn kicks off its Surf.Club concept in Stockholm and Höllviken.

The world’s first rental-ready jetboard

In 2022, with the release of the Radinn X-Sport comes a new hull technology—XDL Hull tech—that provides extreme cosmetic and impact durability. This new jetboard helps Radinn launch the world’s first Jetboard Rentals + Lessons Program, after determining that the wear-resistant construction can stand up to all-day use.

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