101 liters


1901 mm


779 mm






Starting at
  incl VAT excl VAT

performance upgrades available

Find your freedom

It’s easy to customize your jetboard to your own needs and preferences. Our hull constructions and fin configurations offer plenty of options, so you can find the perfect board for your experience level, size, and style.

LTD Hull Tech

Our original Limited Hull Technology (LTD) consists of several layers of glass and carbon fiber, resin, paint, and varnish to provide a more premium feel. LTD Hulls are handcrafted according to years of board-building experience. The core of the board is precision molded in an industrial fashion, and then the various layers are added by hand. The final layer is fixed and formed into shape by a vacuum, before the paint and graphics are added on manually.

Twin fins

Fins provide you with control as you shift weight, steer the board, and turn. The twin fin setup is available on our Freeride and Carve Models. All fin boxes are made with FCS-II Standard Fins. You can order different sized FCS-II Fins from your local surf shop or any online retailer to further customize the stability of your board.

board intersection drawing

Battery G3

Ride up to

30 min*

Battery G3 Extended

Ride up to

45 min*

Price of upgrade

  incl VAT excl VAT

* Performance depend on weather conditions, water temperature, battery pack's state of charge, and rider weight. These are typical values and not a guarantee of performance.

Jetpack G3

Speed up to

44 km/h**


0-50 km/h, 6 sec

Jetpack G3 Pro

Speed up to

56 km/h**


0-50 km/h, 4 sec

Price of upgrade

  incl VAT excl VAT

**Top speed may vary depending on rider and water conditions. While these are common factors, they are not a guarantee of performance.
Why to get the Freeride over the X-Sport
  • For a more premium feel.
  • For use in waters where you’re sure of the depth and are less likely to encounter debris.
  • If you plan to launch the board from your boat, yacht, or dock.
  • If you intend to be diligent in caring for your board or more leisurely in your riding style.
Why to get the X-Sport over the Freeride
  • For a more sporty feel.
  • So you can worry less about encountering debris or obstacles during your ride.
  • If you plan to transport the board around to various launch spots in your car or truck.
  • If you’d like to be more casual in caring for your board or more extreme in your riding style.
Why to get the Freeride over the Carve
  • For both first-timers and seasoned surfers who want a faster, more stable ride.
  • For it’s higher buoyancy, which allows you to plane with ease and makes the board suitable for all sizes - groms to XL.
  • If you want to master tricks like hang ten, cross-stepping, slides, and 360s.
Why to get the Carve over the Freeride
  • For intermediate riders and wave-chasers who want a sharper, more agile ride.
  • For it’s lower buoyancy, which offers a locked-in feel but makes the board less suitable for XL riders, who need more speed to plane.
  • If you want to master tricks like wave-riding, jumping, and rail-to-rail transitions.
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