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We're pushing the boundaries of action sports through radical innovation 

We are a Swedish company with 30+ engineers, extreme sports luny's and entrepreneur rock stars. Our work is to launch a new sport. Our product needs to be the lightest, fastest, most agile, serviceable and fun electric jet board ever created. So we decided to create a team of the best entrepreneurs, CAD artists, PR gurus, electric engineers, user experience folks, sales dudes, ambassadors and financiers.   A team of radical special forces.

Now we are preparing the launch of a brand new sport. Look forward seeing you along the ride. 


Radinn AB Team
Alexander Lind, CEO Radinn (I work hard) 
Martin Mayer, Vice CEO / COO (Serial Entrepreneur) 
Esbjörn Beckmann, CTO (Submarine Engineer and serial Entrepreneur) 
Carl Broomé, Operations Manager (Start-Up in Kenya, M.Sc. Industrial Engineer LTH) 
Seth Mandoki, Marketing and PR / Sales and Events Dude (M.Sc. Industrial Engineer and Management KTH Royal Institute of Technology). 
Philip Sveningsson, Product Manager (Tetra Pack Robotics Engineer) 
Ronja Edsmo, Koordinator 
Hampus Rastbäck, Product and Service Technican 
Julia Knutas, Product Engineering Practician  
Simon Alse, Product Engineering Practician 
Johan Westlund, Electric Engineering (M.Sc. Electric Engineering KTH, Formula E Power Train Manager) 
Radinn Productions, POLAND
Katarzyna Pacek, COO and Manager, Radinn Poland, M.Sc. Engineering 
Maciej Bisha, Manager of Manufacturing, Radinn Poland - M.Sc. Nano Technology Engineer 
Jakub Klein, Senior Embedded Software Engineer, Radinn Poland
Kamil Strzyżewski, Junior Embedded Software Engineer, Radinn Poland
Pawel Szkubel, Mechanics, M.Sc. Mechanical Engineering 
Piotr Twardowski, Electronics, Nano Technology student 
Klaudiusz Bonderek, Mechanics, Ship Device Engineer 
and all friends of the brand! 


Let's get in touch! Look forward hearing from you!