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Radinn goes rental

How we’re bringing our electric jetboard experience beyond retail

When John Brunckhorst got hired in early 2022 to start up Surf.Club, Radinn’s flagship rental division, his mission was to validate a longstanding proof of concept within the company: can operators find success renting our jetboards? The answer turned out to be a resounding yes. Here’s how we did it, and what John and the team have planned for launching the world’s first-ever rental jetboard program.

John head of
After a successful Surf.Club trial, John is now launching Radinn’s Rental Program.

Determining jetboard rental demand

One of the purposes of Surf.Club was to understand the key drivers of the rental market. “We wanted to know if people were interested in renting, and what they’d be willing to pay,” explains John. “Our learnings validated that the demand is there: happy customers were coming back again and again. Everyone wanted to get out here and try our boards.” The figures speak for themselves. Based on a random follow-up survey to 27 Surf.Club participants, Radinn received an NPS score of +78, with 23 of the 27 participants rating their experience a 9 or 10 out of 10.

Testing Radinn jetboard durability

The biggest takeaway was ensuring our gear could endure the wear and tear of all-day use. Says John, “We tested and monitored the equipment for signs of degradation — charging and depleting the batteries, running the jetpacks continuously, and so on. The X-Sport held up phenomenally thanks to improvements in our electronics and software. The system is now very stable as a whole.”

Growing the jetboard rental market

John is now tasked with taking these learnings and bringing Radinn’s rental program to the world. “We are excited to help current Dealers and Distributors broaden their target audience and reach new affiliates and operators,” he says. “We can’t wait to increase access to the sport and continue to fulfill our mission of bringing the dream of surfing to the people.”

Scenes from our trial Surf.Club locations in Stockholm and Höllviken, Sweden
Scenes from our trial Surf.Club locations in Stockholm and Höllviken, Sweden

The commercial opportunity: building a jetboard rental business with Radinn

John, together with key division leads, have designed a plug ‘n play business model with potential for every kind of rental partner. We’re extending our existing product warranty to cover rental applications, have created operations-forward rental packages that increase revenue with order size, and have even developed a rental calculator that identifies when Dealers and Distributors can expect to break even and become profitable.

“Our aim is for Dealers and Distributors to feel confident both increasing their customer base and building relationships with local rental operators,” says John. “Not only will this bring the Radinn experience to as many people as possible, but it will also drive demand back to our existing network.”

Interested in coming on board as a Radinn rental affiliate? Head to our website and fill out the form to get started.

Our business model offers something for every kind of rental partner.

The Radinn X-Sport: the world’s first rental-ready jetboard

The Radinn X-Sport was released in late 2021 with our newly-developed XDL Hull Technology. After years of software improvements and stress testing it’s been authorized for rental purposes with good reason: The X-Sport’s durable construction can handle ultra-rugged conditions, and paired with an improved battery endurance, the product is now impervious to all-day action. Learn more about the world’s first rental-ready jetboard below.

X-Sport boards lined up on a beach
Radinn X-Sports lined up and ready for rental action.

XDL Hull Tech

Our proprietary XDL Hull Technology stands for Extremely Durable and Lightweight. This next-level design consists of high-impact thermoforming around an airy polystyrene core with additional fiberglass layers for added reinforcement. It’s made from the same construction as windsurf boards and extreme kayaks, so riders don’t have to worry about scuffing the sides and can focus fully on enjoying their rides.

Customizable fin boxes

The X-Sport is the only jetboard in our G3 Line that comes with quad fin boxes. This add-on enables many customization options, so riders can configure the perfect setup for their style, size, and stature. They can use one fin pair for added speed and stability, or take advantage of the full quad setup to maximize grip and control.

Enhanced driveline

After an extensive R&D protocol, our software and electronics have passed the rental test. We’re currently the only player in our sector that offers a battery capable of withstanding all-day use, as is common in rental situations. Our new warranty reflects this use case, so rental businesses can feel confident in working with Radinn.

Rentals & Lessons
As the world’s first rental-ready jetboard, the X-Sport opens up new possibilities in the tourism and water sport markets.