Electric surf through the seasons

With the Radinn electric jetboard, summer is a state of mind

Ask any hardcore surfer and they’ll tell you: the best times to catch waves don’t have anything to do with summertime or sunshine. Many prefer to hit the water in the cooler fall and winter months, and as a company from Sweden—whose cooler months make up most of our year—we couldn’t agree more. 

There are a ton of reasons why cold-weather riding is top-notch. Here are the things we look forward to most when it comes to jetboarding well past summer ends. 

Carving at the Jokulsarlon Glacial Lagoon in Iceland

Fewer crowds and boat traffic

During the summer months, the best spots to ride are often overcrowded and full of commotion. With the cooler weather comes less boat and beach traffic, which means more areas for you to enjoy and explore. Because we all know one of the greatest joys of jetboarding is having a body of water all to yourself. 

Time outside when it’s needed most

Getting outdoors can be tough in the fall and winter, with its cooler temps and darker days, but that’s when we need it the most. Jetboarding is a fantastic way to get outside so long as you have access to a body of water that hasn’t frozen over. It’s proven to boost your mood and your health, all while having fun. 

A great tool to level up

When it comes to ocean riding, cold-weather conditions can be more intense. Heavier precipitation and storms bring larger swells towards the coast, which makes this time of year great for building upon your summer skills. Challenging yourself in choppy waters will only make you a stronger rider

No bad weather, only bad gear

When whipping out the Radinn in fall and winter, it’s important to gear up properly, and we’re happy to report that wetsuit technology has come a long way. With a good 4/3 to 6 mm pick (for those sub-zero days)—plus a hood, gloves, and booties—cold-weather jetboarding can be just as enjoyable as it is during the milder summer months.


Finding winter solitude at Åre Mountain Resort in northern Sweden

The Radinn Carve: Our pick for fall and winter jetboarding

Once you catch the Radinn wave, you’ll be stoked to hit the water in every kind of weather. And when heading out for those cold-weather rides, when it’s a bit more choppy or you’re surfing breaks, we suggest you take the Radinn Carve. Learn more about why this high-performance model is perfect for high-winter swells.

Lightweight + responsive 

The Carve’s hull is ultra-agile and allows for full control using your heels and toes, so you can master rail-to-rail transitions like a true wave surfer.

Included footstraps

As our only model that comes with footstraps, The Carve lets you catch air off waves and lean even more into those ultra-controlled turns. 

Decreased buoyancy

This allows the jetpack to lie slightly deeper in the water and prevents air from entering into the waterjet in choppier conditions.  

The Radinn Carve is perfect for those choppy, cold-weather rides