The Country Camping team showcasing the Radinn jetboard / electric surfboard at a water sports trade show.

Radinn Partner feature: Country Camping

A look at the life of a Radinn jetboard Dealer

We talked to father-son duo Thomas and Connor Welsh of Country Camping—a family-owned RV & Outdoor Retailer in Salmon Arms, British Columbia—to chronicle what it’s like to work with Radinn wholesale.

What is the nature of your business?

Thomas: Country Camping started as an RV Dealership, which I’ve run now for 30 years alongside my sons Connor and Tanner. Originally we were focused on RV Sales and Service—recreational vehicles, tractor trailers, and so on—but a few years back we decided to expand the company model, looking at anything related to the outdoors: hot tubs and swim spas, e-bikes, lawn and garden care equipment. Stuff like that.

How did you hear about Radinn jetboards?

Connor: I saw Radinn on an Instagram ad, and reached out to Filip [Radinn’s Head of North American Sales] that night. I was like, holy crap. This is pretty cool and something I think we could sell in our area. And it moved quickly from there!

Why did you want to bring Radinn on as a supplier?

Connor: The biggest thing that compelled me is that you can go out and surf anywhere, and we have some of the most beautiful lakes in the world within an hour each direction. You can take the boards, throw them on your side by side, and away you go.

Thomas: There's so many opportunities to use this product here.

Country Camping is located in Salmon Arm, near the shores of Shuswap Lake

How has it been working with Radinn?

Thomas: I'll take the honor of answering this. As I said, I've been in business for 30 years. I've dealt with lots of suppliers, mostly to the USA, so coming on with Radinn was my first experience dealing with a company overseas. Naturally, I was hesitant. But Radinn’s business model is very professional and organized. They sent me a contract, which I had my lawyer give a read. And then we had a few—maybe three or four—video calls with Filip before we felt completely comfortable moving forward. The whole experience has been easy, from how we pay our invoices to how you ship. And when we receive the boards, the condition of the shipment is excellent. So working with Radinn has been, in my opinion, first class.

How does Radinn support you as a Dealer?

Thomas: The company offers us everything we need, from customer service to marketing help. Just last week we worked with them to organize a booth at an Outdoor Adventure Show here in Vancouver. Connor spearheaded it and Filip came over from Sweden to help us out. 

Connor: The support that Radinn provides as a Dealer is great. Any key issues that come up are always dealt with fast and professionally.

How do you sell jetboards in your local community?

Connor: The board sells itself. We offer demos, and as soon as a customer gets out there and tries it, feels the freedom of being in control and gliding across the water, it's almost a no-brainer that they're going to purchase one. We also do paid Google and Facebook ads, which Radinn helps us with. But mostly it’s word of mouth.

Thomas: Radinn’s Marketing Team even helped us design a cargo trailer with imagery and board shots on it. Connor takes the trailer to different lakes on the weekends and sets it up, which is great exposure. He starts riding and all of a sudden there's 50 people lining up on shore to ask about it.

What started as an RV business now sells leisure products for all kinds of outdoor exploration

Has the demand for the jetboards changed since you started?

Connor: We retailed about 20 boards our first season, and would have done a lot more if British Columbia wasn’t riddled with forest fires, which cut into our market. This season we are projecting to have at least 60 to 70 sales.

What is something you want prospective Dealers to know about joining Radinn?

Thomas: I think just talking them through the same concerns I had before coming on—about shipping and payment, the condition of the boards, the overall working relationship, that sort of stuff. I tell everyone I talk to, you can forget these concerns right away.

Connor: I’d want them to know just how good this product is. I have customers who say ‘oh I would never buy one’ and then they do a demo and they're in here buying the board the next day. Once they learn about the technology capabilities, feel the power of the jetpack, and understand the way they’re designed and constructed, it’s game over. I mean, these boards are just built right.