Enter instant happiness: The benefits of electric surfboards

Discover the many joys that electric surfboards can bring into your life

For decades people have dreamt up different ways to surf over the water with a motorized board, and with good reason — the concept opens up an ocean of possibilities for surf-wannabes and skilled shredders alike.

Thanks to recent innovations in technology and EV engineering, that dream is now a reality: electric surfboards are available and well on their way to becoming the next big watersport. We’re taking a look at why they’ve captured the hearts of outdoor enthusiasts worldwide, their many pleasures and perks, and some of the top ways that they can improve your life.

A wide shot of two people riding Radinn jetboards / electric surfboards over a glassy lake, with mountain chateaus far off in the distance

The freedom of riding an electric surfboard, with water below, sky above, and an endless horizon ahead

The ability to surf anytime, anyplace

For so long, surfing—whether wave surfing, windsurfing, or kite surfing—has been limited to location and water conditions. Electric surfboards negate the need for waves and wind, and allow you to surf in any body of water, any time of the day. You don’t have to wait for big swells or high winds to ride an electric surfboard. They open up the experience to all people, wherever they may live.

All skill levels and ages welcome

Electric surfboarding is a sport built for water enthusiasts of every skill level, from seasoned surfers to complete newbies. Electric surfboards are a lot easier to master than traditional surfboards, with a faster learning curve and lower barrier to entry. They’re also accessible for all ages, and some e-surfboards—like the Radinn jetboard—even offer customizable speed settings that let you keep the little ones at a kid-friendly pace.

A starting point for other board sports

The accessibility of electric surfing provides a natural stepping stone to other board sports like traditional surfing, skateboarding, snowboarding, wakeboarding, and kite and windsurfing. Riding an electric surfboard can help you develop better balance and coordination, understand proper body positioning, riding mechanics, and board control, and even improve fear management—helping you develop the mindset required to push your limits.

An image of a little kid riding a Radinn jetboard / electric surfboard

Electric surfboards are made for all ages — even little kids can get in on the fun

A fresh form of exercise

The best kind of physical activity is the kind you don’t even realize you’re doing. Riding an electric surfboard gets you active and increases your cardiovascular fitness. It’s a great workout for your core and legs and can increase your energy levels and heart rate. Recreational activities are vital for our well-being, and electric surfing is one of the best out there.

Learn more: Track your heart rate and calories with the Radinn jetboard’s Apple Watch App.

An aid in physical limitations

Electric surfboards provide assistance to individuals with physical limitations or injuries that may hinder their ability to perform the more strenuous or dangerous parts of traditional surfing. The adaptive aspect of the motorized propulsion helps overcome these limitations and provide opportunities for folks who otherwise wouldn’t be able to experience the surfing sensation.

Top speeds and turbocharged performance

Electric surfboarding may be easier to master than traditional surfboards, but that doesn’t mean you can’t crank up the velocity and experience some adrenaline-packed action. With mind-blowing top speeds and the ability to perform jumps and tricks, electric surfboards are a thrill-seekers paradise. Even supermoto stunt-riders, olympic freestyle skiers, professional cliff-divers, and top Red Bull athletes dig the electric surfboard rush.

An eco-conscious choice

As you navigate the waters of sustainability, electric surfboards remain an eco-conscious alternative to gas-powered watercrafts that saturate the planet with their noisy, petrol-guzzling engines. Electric surfboards have zero carbon emissions and noise pollution, and minimal impact on marine ecosystems, so you can enjoy your surfing experience knowing you're not causing serious environmental degradation. Every little bit counts.

A great form of natural exploration

There’s nothing like exploring uncharted waters, and electric surfboards let you do just that—allowing you to find adventure in your own backyard and discover an untapped sense of peace, adventure, and connection with nature. Spending time outdoors not only allows us to connect with the environment in new ways, it also allows us to connect with ourselves in new ways.

Pure, unadulterated fun

There’s no other way to say it: electric surfboards are a fricken’ blast. It’s hard to explain the joy of an electric surfboard ride, but fun, freedom, and thrilling adventure are some good places to start. The best way to experience the feeling of riding an electric surfboard is to try one for yourself. Look up where to rent or demo a Radinn jetboard near you.

A GoPro action shot of someone riding the Radinn Freeride jetboard / electric surfboard with a big smile and their hands in the air

It’s impossible not to smile when riding a Radinn electric jetboard

Electric surfboards vs. other motorized watercrafts

To better understand the unique benefits of electric surfboards, it’s helpful to compare them to other motorized watercrafts. Here’s why electric surfboards standout in the recreational boating market.

No gas stops necessary

Most boats and watercrafts run on internal combustion engines, which means they have a fuel tank that needs to be filled with gas to operate. Stops at the fuel station or marina are not only inconvenient, but they’re also a recurring expense that can add up over time. With electric surfboards, all you have to do is charge up your battery, pop it into the board, and hit the water in sleek style.

And don’t worry about running out of ride time. All Radinn electric surfboards fit the same hadrware, so you can own multiple batteries for more range and use our Universal Charger to bring your batteries back to full charge in under two hours.

Minimal maintenance

Once you understand the operational aspects of electric surfboards, they’re surprisingly straightforward to maintain. After finishing your electric surfboard session, all you need to do is remove the battery, clean the jetboard with freshwater, and let it dry.

What’s more, many electric surfboards are now built with connected services that take the work out of monitoring your gear and always ensure your boards are operating at peak capacity.

The Radinn electric surfboard is connected to our cloud services via the Radinn Battery Management System (RadBMS). RadBMS continuously scans data from your devices and alerts you when maintenance is needed, extending the life expectancy of your gear.

Easy to transfer and set-up

Forget the hassle of launch equipment and a trailer or hitch setup. Electric surfboards can fit into any midsize SUV and be taken to the beach, dock, or boat with minimal effort.

Radinn electric surfboards come with a portable board bag that has back straps and luggage wheels for extra-easy transport. It's also important to remember that the Radinn electric jetboards are modular, and the battery—which is the heaviest component—detaches from the board in seconds. When taking your Radinn electric surfboard to the water, we suggest removing the battery and carrying it separately to your launch spot.

Simple storage solutions

Electric jetboards are not only smaller, lighter, and easier to transport than other motorized watercrafts, they’re also far simpler to store. They can be kept in the basement, garage, shed, or even a large closet and don’t require docks, lifts, slips, or marina facilities.

A photo of someone in a wetsuit taking the Radinn jetboard / electric surfboard and boardbag out of the back of their pickup truck


There are endless reasons why electric surfboards are quickly taking over the world of watersports. From the board’s accessibility and ease-of-use to the absolute joy it brings to people of all ages and abilities, the perks of electric surfboarding are as plentiful as the places you can ride.

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