Make Waves Manifesto

01 April, 2021

Bringing the dream of surfing to the people.

It’s time to find adventure in your own backyard. See your neighborhood with new eyes. Explore nature in new ways. It’s time you venture beyond the shoreline. Discover uncharted waters. Make every road the road less travelled. The time is now to stay curious. To play in every river, lake, and stream. It’s time to dive in, create a splash, and cause a ripple effect for the entire world to see


Make Waves – Radinn brand video 2021


Our vision is to bring the dream of surfing to the people. Our mission is to change the way we explore and play in every body of water.



Jetboarding into the Spanish sunset.

We are PURE

PURE is an acronym that not only represents our values, but also the nature of the element we live in, and the outlook we live for. It’s the water we ride, and the way that we ride it. It’s a product well-built, a trick well-performed, and a day well-spent. It’s the experience we aim to bring to our customers with every board we make and every adventure they take. PURE is the way we want to act in our company and to our partners and customers.

We are driven by passion. Passion for exploring different parts of this planet, and interacting with it in new and exciting ways. Passion for making a joyous contribution to the human experience and helping everyone live their life to the fullest.

We work in unity with one another, our partners, and our global community through a transparent and cooperative mindset. Being united means fostering an atmosphere of inclusion and respect, and remembering that no one is more important than the whole.

We are revolutionary. Our DNA is to disrupt. It’s in our name. It’s in our nature. We will continue to question the status-quo and embrace being different. In a like-minded world, we will always strive to be one-a-kind. Good enough is simply not good enough.

We are driving the creation of a brand new industry. There’s no template for us to borrow or journey for us to follow. As we carve a new path in outdoor adventure, we’ll face challenges with an innovative, solutions-based attitude.

No waves?
No problem.

We are celebrating the people that make their own waves. The go-getters chasing dreams and risk-takers swimming outside the lines. The thrill-seekers willing to dive in headfirst, dig deep, and get absolutely soaking wet. After all, sometimes you gotta rock the boat to land on unknown shores. Here’s to the wave-makers everywhere. Big and small. On the board, and off.

Here’s to their stories.

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