level up?

Go faster, ride harder + remain in control

Step up from the ride modes that come included with your jetpack (Easy and Standard). Once upgraded, you can toggle between all four ride modes in the Radinn app.

PRO mode delivers significantly more power than Standard (with top speeds of up to 36 mph / 58 kmh*) while still remaining easy on your battery's state of charge.

Unleash yourself. Radinn’s most powerful ride mode taps into twenty percent more horsepower than PRO, delivering never-before-seen speed, torque, and acceleration.

*Top speed varies based on the rider's weight, the battery pack's state of charge, weather conditions and board model. These are typical figures and not a guarantee of performance.

The perks of unleashing yourself

Extreme performance doesn’t just mean going faster. It means more acceleration and torque, too. Take each one up a notch and you’ve got an entirely new riding sensation.

When it comes to evolving your jetboarding skills there’s a lot to be gained in trying out new performance modes. Swipe through the examples below to learn more about the improved areas of usage.

Better control through deep turns

Dig deeper into turns on a wider range of speeds. Kick up your carving potential no matter the momentum by leaning into the board and accelerating through.

Added confidence chasing aerials

Hitting height off a break is much easier when you have torque and acceleration on your side. So you can skip risking neckbreaking speeds for serious air time.  

Quicker planing with less effort

Higher torque means more power at lower RPMs. That means quicker planing for all, and especially for heavier riders. Don’t forget that good throttle control is key.

Ability to avoid hindrances 

Once you master the thottle you can power yourself out of wipeouts, water conditions, and more (like keeping balance in deep turns and punching through whitewater).

Smoother rail-to-rail transitions

Use the added torque to push yourself from toe-side to heel-side in a smooth and satisfying way. It seriously feels like snowboarding fresh powder.

Not ready
to call it
a day?

Extend your ride time

Buy the Extended upgrade and make your next ride even more memorable than the last.

The Extended upgrade will increase the range of your battery by close to 30%, making it possible to take on longer excursions and share your ride with friends.

The Radinn Battery has a mixed-condition ride time of 35 minutes* on Standard and 45 minutes* on G3 Extended. These benchmarks can double if you’re riding with lightweight riders and on the lower ride modes.

* Riding times vary based on the rider's weight, the battery's state of charge, and the weather conditions. These are typical figures and not a guarantee of range.


What if I have an UNLEASHED™ membership that is expiring soon?

You’ll get automatic access to the new upgrade bundle at no added cost. All customers that previously subscribed to our UNLEASHED™ membership now have lifetime access to the UNLEASHED™ ride mode. Submit a request with our Product Support team to learn how to activate.

Is access to the new UNLEASHED™ upgrade transferable to a different board than the one I currently have my UNLEASHED™ subscription with?

Yes, access to the new upgrade is transferable to a different board. Note that it can only be applied to one board of your choosing and after you have transferred the upgrade access, it cannot be transferred again.

Doesn’t my jetboard automatically come with Extended range?

If you buy a jetboard from us, G3 Extended is automatically included in your configuration. Jetboards purchased from a Dealer can be fitted with either G3 Standard or G3 Extended, depending on what they have in stock. The G3 Extended upgrade only applies to customers who’ve purchased a G3 Standard jetboard.

How do I know if I already have Extended range or PRO + UNLEASHED™ mode?

Connect your jetboard to the Radinn app. Once connected, you’ll be able to see what battery and performance settings you have access to. Here you will also also be able to toggle between ride modes to customize your jetboard speed.

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