Radinn provides the most exciting and reliable electric jetboards on the market today, or electric surfboards as many choose to call them. We offer three board models, each with its own characteristics. And together with market leading battery technology and mind-blowing water jets, you can configure your dream board just the way you want it.

radinn new electric surfboard collection

What's your style?

Our complete jetboards ranges from $7,200/€ 7.900 and up, depending on both style and power. Try our configurator and see what would suit you.

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Need guidance?

Are you still not sure what product suits you the best after browsing our site? Contact our experts and they'll guide you to the perfect Radinn board.
generation 3 jet battery

A new


Radinn – the name itself reflects our passion. To bring radical innovation to the world of surfing. 
The new Radinn product line is truly both radical and innovative. It’s a fully modular and connected system, with three main components. Boards, jet and battery that combined make for a new thrilling kind of surfing experience.

Key benefits

Here's some key benefits with the G3 platform. Read more about the upside with the full modularity and connectivity on the different component sections below.

Instant happiness

Radinn jetboards comes with a promise of instant happiness. Due to unique designs they make it easy for first-timers to feel the thrill within a few attempts.

Level up(grades)

OTA upgrades makes it possible to level up your jet performance at any given time. Our PRO software update significantly increases top speed and acceleration. You'll be able to use the the app for tuning the power levels up and down depending on rider skill and style. 

Rethink exploring

We also offer OTA upgrades for the battery, which gives you that extra ride time you need to really explore your surroundings. Push the limits with the Long Range upgrade option, or go far beyond the normal excursions with the Extended Range upgrade. 
Explore, Freeride and Carve jetboard models

These are
the boards

Radinn jetboards are always tailored to suit your wants and desires. In the process of getting your own Radinn jetboard you start by choosing what board model you prefer. Choose between Explore, Freeride and Carve. Each model has its own strengths and personality.  

The G3 Jet is an extremely powerful and reliable water jet

This is
the jet

The G3 Jet is an extremely powerful and reliable water jet. It is also smart in the way that you can use the settings menu in the Radinn app, making it suitable for all kinds of riders. Big or small, beginner or pro.

Try our configurator to find out what jetboard setup would suit you.

The most advanced water sports battery on todays motorized surfing market

This is
the battery

We are proud to bring you the most advanced water sports battery on todays motorized surfing market. This battery delivers enough ride time to put a big smile on the face of the most seasoned riders. All technology needed is built in, making the rider experience the best possible. 

The battery also comes with the possibility to increase its capacity thru OTA upgrades. Try our configurator to learn about how these software upgrades will effect your jetboard setup.

The Radinn Advantage

The Radinn advantage
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