Dealer benefits

We are an industry-leading brand in the booming EV space with the aim to provide a PURE experience to every one of our customers. We guarantee satisfaction with our products and services and will go to great lengths to exceed your expectations.

We offer a comprehensive board range that delivers attractive models for every kind of business, with design and technology features that stand out against competitors. Our array of customizations, accessories, and upgrades mean more market-driven offers to interest customers of every kind.

Our margin system – which was developed through close collaboration with our Dealers and Distributors – boasts impressive payment terms and a fair bonus system. We continually monitor our setup to ensure that it’s always aligned to current market conditions.

We provide a thorough understanding of our product and program through a personal onboarding, and offer consultations and start-up support to those beginning your entrepreneurial endeavors. It is our priority to ensure that your operations are set up in a cost-effective, smooth, and successful way.

We equip you with everything you need to run a prosperous business, including full access to our Marketing and Support Hubs and coaching by our Creative Department. Your B2B Manager and Radinn’s Product Support and Marketing teams are always available to answer any questions or concerns you have.


  • Be the first to access this exciting opportunity
  • Drive leads from a wider target audience

After years of software improvements and a successful R+D protocol the X-Sport has been authorized for rental use. Learn all about our new rental program and the perks of moving your Radinn business beyond retail.