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  • Discover a new watersport with mass market potential
  • Create a revenue stream with a measurable ROI
  • Get bundles and major discounts on retail prices

Ready for all-day action

The X-Sport is our most durable jetboard model. It’s ultra-resistant hull construction – which originates from windsurf boards and extreme-kayak production – was developed to handle rough conditions and heavy usage. Like it’s forebearer the Freeride, the X-Sport still maintains an innovative, hydrodynamic design and has four fin boxes under the hull instead of the standard two for added customizability.

Rent with confidence:

  • Low learning threshold
  • Stress-tested battery endurance
  • Proprietary XDL Hull Technology
  • Full warranty coverage

After years of product testing and improvements, we’re stoked to kick off our rental program and open up new possibilities within the tourism and watersport markets. Learn about how we got here and the perks of becoming a rental operator with Radinn.

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With a virtual onboarding, dedicated product support team, marketing resources, and the ability to monitor your stock for peak performance and safety, we’ve made running Radinn lessons, demos, and rentals entirely hassle-free. Fill out the form below to get started.

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