Jetpack G3 PRO

With a top speed of 56 kmh / 35 mph* on the Freeride and 52 kmh / 32 mph* on the Carve, the Jetpack G3 PRO is geared for those looking for a faster riding experience. The G3 PRO is virtually silent, compatible with all Radinn jetboards, and connects digitally to the Radinn app for remote software upgrades. 

Speed settings can always be adjusted in the Radinn app to customize the pace of individual rides and ensure a safe and suitable performance for all levels of riding experience. With the purchase of this Jetpack, riders have the choice between three speed modes — Easy, Standard, and PRO.

*Top speed varies based on the rider's weight, the battery pack's state of charge, and the weather conditions. These are typical figures and not a guarantee of top speed.
incl VAT excl VAT
incl VAT excl VAT

Note that a complete jetboard requires configuring a board, a jetpack, and a battery.

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