Electric surfboard accessories

Enable and enhance your electric surfboard experience

Electric surfboards may only consist of three main parts—a board, a battery, and a jetpack—but there are additional accessories you need to have on hand, or should we say in hand, before you hit the water. Having the right electric surfboard accessories doesn’t just make your ride possible — it takes it to the next level.

Today, we’re walking you through exactly what those accessories are and what each of them brings to your electric surfboard setup. From the prerequisites to the practical and even the fun, here’s our roundup of accessories that enable and enhance your electric surfboard experience.

Electric surfboard accessories: The essentials

A photo showing the magnetic safety strap of the Radinn jetboard / electric surfboard, with one end velcroed to the rider's ankle

Many electric surfboards come with a magnetic safety strap that automatically cuts power to the propulsion system should the rider fall off the board

When it comes to electric surfboards, there are a few accessories that the product cannot function without. The following are essential to an electric surfboard ride, and usually come included with any board package you may buy.

Hand controller

The hand controller regulates the speed of the electric surfboard, usually in the form of a throttle mechanism that relies on pressure from your finger to accelerate and decelerate. Some electric surfboard brands have the hand controller tethered to the nose of the board, while others offer a wireless set-up that connects through bluetooth.

Radinn’s hand controller is wireless and adjusts the speed and acceleration of the electric surfboard with smooth and precise control. It’s designed with an easy-to-use thumb throttle, an unobtrusive LED interface to indicate the battery and the remote’s state of charge, and a vibration function to alert you when the battery is low and it’s time to come back to shore. It also comes with a USB-connected induction charger and zippered carrying case.

Magnet key and safety strap

Ever wonder what happens when you jump or fall off an electric surfboard? No, it doesn't zoom off into aquatic oblivion. Most electric surfboards are designed with a magnetic safety strap — also known as a kill switch — that automatically cuts power to the propulsion system when the rider disconnects from the board. This prevents the electric surfboard from continuing to accelerate without the rider on it.

The Radinn electric surfbaord’s magnet key and safety strap comes in the form of a board leash. In order to ride the Radinn, the magnet key—attached to your leg via the velcro board leash—needs to be connected into its fitting on the back of the board. When you come off while riding, the leash pulls the magnet key off and the jetpack automatically stops.

External charger

One of the many benefits of electric surfboards is that they don’t need fuel to operate, but they do need to be charged. The charging method for electric surfboards can vary depending on the manufacturer and model, but in most cases, the battery pack can be removed from the hull for convenient charging via an external unit.

External chargers connect the electric surfboard’s battery pack to a standard electrical outlet. The time required to fully charge the battery pack depends on the battery capacity, charging speed, and the level of charge remaining in the battery.

The Radinn electric surfboard comes with a Universal charger that fits any EU or US electrical outlet and offers three charge modes: Low, High, and Optimization. Low is the default charging mode. It re-ups Radinn’s battery pack in 8 hours and should be used as often as possible. High mode is for when the battery needs to be charged quickly and takes around 2 hours to reach a full charge. Optimization mode is for low output power sources such as inverters.

Electric surfboard accessories: Safety considerations

A photo of someone ripping a Radinn jetboard / electric surfboard at top speed wearing a helmet and an impact vest

Accessories like a helmet and life jacket are essential for safety while on the water, especially for beginners or those riding at top speeds and in harsh conditions

While the following accessories are not fundamental to operating an electric surfboard, they’re important to use for safety and protection. We strongly recommend you incorporate these accessories, especially if you’re newer to the electric surfboard experience.

Life jacket or impact vest

When performing any watersport, a life jacket or impact vest remains the number one way to protect yourself. We highly encourage all electric surfboard riders to wear any form of personal flotation device (PFD) in the case of a bad fall, injury, or accident.


A water sports helmet is another important safety accessory to consider when on the water, as it offers crucial head protection. A helmet is especially important when there’s a high chance of potential impact with the water or the board, like when surfing at top speeds or in challenging conditions.

Whistle or waterproof communication device

Being able to call for attention while out on the water can minimize hazardous situations, especially if you’re riding your electric surfboard alone. Consider investing in a waterproof walkie-talkie or carrying a whistle on you to signal for assistance if needed.

Electric surfboard accessories: Enhancements and extras

An aerial shot showing the Radinn jetboard / electric surfboard boardbag and fin set, with a rider walking next to the bag carrying the Radinn battery

Board bags are not only practical for handling, they also protect the electric surfboard from wear and tear during transport and storage

We’ve got the operating and safety accessories covered, but let’s not forget the electric surfing add-ons that bring the fun, convenience, and comfort. Here are the enhancements and extras you should have on hand to really put the joy in jetboarding.

Board bag

With most electric surfboards clocking in at well over 50 lbs (23 kg), having an easy way to get them to and from your surf spot will improve the overall riding experience. That’s where board bags come in. In addition to travel convenience, board bags also help protect your electric surfboard from scratches, dings, and other damage that can happen during transport.

The Radinn board bag comes in two sizes (one for the Freeride / X-Sport hull and one for the Carve hull) and is designed with back straps and luggage wheels for extra-easy handling. We suggest removing the Radinn battery from its compartment, keeping the Radinn electric surfboard in the board bag, and bringing each separately to your launch location.


Adding fins to your electric surfboard can provide you with control as you shift weight, steer the board, and turn. Fins are helpful for beginners who require more stability, or for riders who want to go high speed in rough conditions. Fins can also be used to practice certain tricks like cross-stepping, nose-riding, and hang tens.

Advanced riders who require less stability and want the ability to perform tight, nimble turns—as well as tricks like slides and 360s—should consider leaving the fin boxes empty.

Not all electric surfboards come with the option to add fins, but many do. Radinn electric surfboards offer different fin configurations depending on the model—the Radinn Carve and Radinn Freeride come with two fin boxes, while the Radinn X-Sport offers a quad fin setup for added versatility.


Looking for better control through sharp turns? Add on one or two footstraps. You'll be able kick up your carving potential without losing traction by leaning deeper into your heels and toes. You'll also be able to fine-tune those aerials, hitting major height off small breaks.

Radinn’s Strap Kit is removable and fully adjustable. You can use one or both straps in various inserts to find the stance that works best for you — no tools necessary.

A close-up shot of someone using the footstrap accessory of the Radinn Carve jetboard / electric surfboard

Footstraps are an awesome way to step up your electric surfing game with deeper turns and higher jumps

Rash guard or wetsuit

Depending on the water temperature and weather conditions, a wetsuit or rash guard may be necessary for thermal insulation and sun protection. These accessories can also provide added comfort between your skin and the deck of the board. Remember, you can ride your electric surfboard anytime of year so long as you have the right gear.

Repair kit

Accidents happen, so it's wise to carry a small repair kit on you that includes items like epoxy putty and adhesive patches. These tools can quickly fix minor damages to your board and get you back on the water.

Planning on riding in rough and rocky conditions? Opt for the Radinn X-Sport, which has a wear-resistant hull construction built with cosmetic and impact durability in mind.

Waterproof camera

One of the best parts of riding an electric surfboard is its ability to fully bring you into the present moment, but that doesn’t mean you don’t want to replay that moment over and over again. A waterproof camera, like a GoPro or Olympus Tough TG-6, lets you document your electric surfboard adventures and capture ever-lasting outdoor memories. Plus, watching your own riding footage can also help improve your technique.

GPS tracker or smartwatch

Another fun way to relive your electric surfboard rides is by using a GPS tracker or a smartwatch with tracking capabilities. This way, you can see exactly where you’ve gone and further explore the area around which you surfed.

In fact, Radinn has built tracking technology right into our electric surfboards. The Radinn app connects to your board, captures every moment of your riding sessions, and provides you with a detailed breakdown of where and how fast you’ve gone. It also delivers performance data and lets you watch instant replays in real time.

And with the Radinn Apple Watch integration, you can actually measure your stoke level (aka your heart rate), log health metrics like calorie burn, and track your speed and battery’s level of charge while out on the water.

Learn more about our connectivity and cloud services.

A photo of someone wearing an apple watch with the Radinn jetboard / electric surfboard smartwatch integration on the screen, showing speed, current, peak BPM, and more

The Radinn Apple Watch integration measures your heart rate and calorie-burn, and tracks your speed and battery charge in real time


An electric surfboard ride can be whatever you make of it, and having the right accessories make it just that — more accessible. Don’t hesitate to keep the right gear close by to make the most of every single ride. Invest in that good wetsuit and life jacket, ensure your battery is charged up and ready to go, and grab your ankle leash and hand controller… your electric surfboard adventure is waiting.

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