Types of electric surfboards

Discover different e-surf styles and setups

The electric vehicles industry continues to move at top speed, and with it comes the next generation of water sports—electric surfboards. As with any buzzy tech innovation, there’s now many kinds of electric surfboards out there, from foils that let you soar above the water to jetboards and SUPs that let you feel the motion of the ocean underfoot.

We’re breaking down the industry’s top electric surfboards to guide you through the exciting world of e-mobility on the water. Here’s everything you need to know.

Three main types of electric surfboards

A photo showcasing a jetboard in action, one of the three kinds of electric surfboards that exist

Though we tend to think of electric surfboards as a solo term, there’s actually a range of designs, each offering a distinct water feel and experience. Here are the most common types of electric surfboards:

Inflatable electric SUPs

Combining the utility of stand-up paddleboards (SUPs) with electric propulsion, inflatable electric SUPs, also called motorized paddleboards, are portable, easy to store, and ideal for leisurely cruising and calm waters. These boards cater to those seeking a low-thrills option that is accessible and requires little water sports or boarding experience.


Equipped with hydrofoils beneath the board, foilboards, also known as efoils, lift above the water’s surface, reducing drag and offering a guaranteed-smooth riding experience. Foilboards provide an exhilarating sensation of gliding effortlessly above the water, but also require a significant amount of time to grasp and master, making them popular among experienced riders.


These compact, single-unit boards are powered by an electric jet propulsion system. They’re most similar to wave surfing, as the board stays connected to the water’s surface (unless doing a jump or riding off a wave). Jetboards are perfect for adrenaline-seekers who crave high speeds, are interested in performing tricks, or want to carve through the water with ease and precision. They’re generally considered harder to learn how to ride than inflatable electric SUPs, but easier to learn how to ride than foilboards and efoils. The Radinn jetboard falls in this category.

How do Radinn electric surfboards compare?

Product images showcasing all five of the G3 line of Radinn jetboards / electric surfboards

The G3 line of Radinn jetboards consists of the Radinn Carve and the Radinn Freeride, which each come in two colorways, and the Radinn X-Sport

Radinn electric surfboards fall under the jetboard category. Our jetboards are known for their industry-leading range, efficient jet propulsion system, and exceptional speed and maneuverability.

Radinn jetboards come in three models — the Radinn Carve, the Radinn Freeride, and the Radinn X-Sport — which allow you to customize your water experience even further. The Radinn Freeride and Radinn X-Sport, for example, are not dissimilar to inflatable electric SUPs in that they’re broad and ultra-stable. The Radinn Carve, on the other hand, can be considered a more advanced product due it’s agile, performance-driven design.

Radinn jetboards are considered first-rate within the jetboard category thanks to the following specialized features.

Wireless hand controller

Unlike some jetboard brands that have their hand controller tethered to the nose of the board, Radinn jetboards are controlled by a wireless hand remote that velcros around the wrist. This hands-free function allows for the ability to find different surfing stances, perform a wider range of tricks, and experience pure freedom of movement.

Connected services and app settings

Radinn has revolutionized the electric surfboard industry with the implementation of an IoT Platform: a multi-layer technology that enables provisioning, management, and automation of connected devices. According to Radinn’s Chief Digital Officer Dimmi, “it means that we’ve created a connected device that riders have full control over, on the water and on shore.”

Thanks to this technology, you have the ability to customize your speed settings, view maps of your rides, access community features, and monitor your equipment remotely from the Radinn app. You can also pair your Apple watch to the Radinn watch app, giving you the ability to view health metrics like heart rate and calories, and track your speed and battery charge in real time.

Modular design

Whereas some jetboards have their electronics integrated into the vehicle itself, the Radinn jetboard is a modular system— the advanced mechanics are concentrated exclusively within the battery pack and jetpack, which detach from the board and can be swapped out within minutes. You can have several boards at home and decide on the spot which is best given the riding conditions. This also allows you to transport and handle the equipment individually for increased ease.

Which electric surfboard is best for me?

An image of a woman riding the Radinn jetboard / electric surfboard for the first time, with a big smile on her face and her hands in the air

Each type of electric surfboard offers different riding experiences and their own unique benefits

When choosing an electric surfboard, it’s important to consider your experience level, riding preference, and intended use. Follow these general guidelines to decide which electric surfboard style and setup might work best for you.

Inflatable electric SUPs

Great for beginners, families with small children, and those interested in a more serene and exploratory surfing experience. Not ideal for folks who want to experience high-performance, go out in rough waters, or use in breaks and waves.


Great for those more familiar with board sports, or for beginners who have the time and patience to practice. An ideal option for those that live near bodies of water that are perpetually choppy or rough, but are looking to experience a smooth and stable surfing sensation.


Great for both seasoned surfers and first-timers, and those interested in a full-contact watersport who want to experience the feel and flow of the water beneath their feet. Jetboards are the most versatile of the electric surfboard offerings, delivering equal parts action and exploration depending on the performance settings and water conditions.

Price range for the different types of electric surfboards

Many factors affect the price of electric surfboards, especially when it comes to what they are made of and what advanced features they offer. An electric SUP made of inflatable rubber is going to cost less than a jetboard or foilboard crafted from durable carbon fiber.

This is why jetboards and foilboards are generally higher-priced, ranging from a few thousand to several thousand dollars. Radinn jetboards fall in the $10,000 - $12,000 range due to their quality materials, lithium-ion battery, and cutting-edge IoT technology.

Inflatable electric SUPs, on the other hand, tend to be more affordable, ranging from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars.

A close-up image of the design features of the Radinn jetboard / electric surfboard

Jetboards have a premium price thanks to their advanced design and tech features


The electric surfboard scene presents a ton of exciting options. Maybe you’re seeking stability and a sense of peace with nature, or maybe you’re an adrenaline-junkie looking for an exhilarating aquatic adventure. No matter your experience level or riding style, there’s an electric surfboard out there that will suit your needs.


Are there different types of electric surfboards?

Yes, the most common types are inflatable electric SUPs, foilboards (also known as efoils), and jetboards.

What surfboard has a motor?

There are many kinds of surfboards with a motor, both gas-powered and electric. Motorized electric surfboards can be broken down into three categories: inflatable electric SUPs, foilboards (also known as efoils), and jetboards.

Efoils use an electric motor and hydrofoil wings to lift the board above the water's surface for a flying-like sensation. Jetboards use an electric jet propulsion system for high-powered speed and maneuverability. Electric SUPs combine stand-up paddleboards with electric propulsion for ease and efficiency while out exploring.

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