The Radinn jetboard: Fin fundamentals

Here’s how fins function on the Radinn electric jetboard

When we say that the all-new X-Sport is made for everybody and every body of water, we really mean it. In addition to being the world’s first rental-ready jetboard, the X-Sport is also the only model in our lineup that offers a quad fin setup. Instead of the usual two fin boxes at the back of the board, under the hull of the X-Sport you’ll find four fin boxes — two at the front and two at the back — all of which are standardized to fit FCS II style fins.

What are the perks of having a quad fin setup, you ask? Fin-tastic question. We sat down with Resident Radinn Rider Gustav Raberg to learn more about why fin configuration matters, and what arrangement works best for every kind of riding style and water conditions.

Understanding fin configuration

radinn x-sport side view

Before we dive in, it’s important to understand what fins do and why their placement on the jetboard is so unique.

"On a normal surfboard, the position of the fins is totally different from what you’d find on a jetboard," shares Gustav. "When you’re riding a surfboard, you’re on a downward slope — the momentum of going down the wave is the force that’s driving you forward. On a jetboard, the force of the jetpack at the back of the board is what’s driving you, so the pivot point is different."

Gustav goes on to explain that, since the pivot point is different, you cannot put fins under the anterior like you would with a surfboard. Instead, if you are using a pair of fins, they need to be placed at the back of the jetboard where the pivot point is.

Here’s where the quad configuration on the X-Sport comes into play: if you do have a pair of fins placed under the back, you can also place another pair of fins under the front.

"Fins provide the rider with control as they shift weight, steer the board, and turn," says Gustav. "The more fins you have, the more stable your ride is going to be."

Finding your perfect fin formula

When it comes to what X-Sport fin setup works best, it all depends on the rider and the conditions in which they’re riding. We broke down the three configuration options for you, so you can be confident in your surfing style.

Quad fins

This configuration utilizes all four fin boxes. It’s perfect for beginners who require more stability, or for riders who want to go high speed in very rough conditions. We suggest using larger FCS II fins in the back boxes, and smaller FCS II fins in the front*. Note that, with all four fins in, it is difficult to perform tight turns.

radinn x-sport quad fins

Back fins

This configuration utilizes the two back fin boxes. It’s perfect for medium stability, looser turns, and more playful rides. You can use large or small FCS II fins in the back boxes to customize the stability even further. This configuration is great for practicing certain tricks including cross-stepping, nose-riding, hang tens, and more.

radinn x-sport back fins

No fins

This configuration leaves all of the fin boxes empty. It’s intended for advanced riders who require less stability and want the ability to perform tight, nimble turns. It’s also necessary for practicing certain tricks like slides, 360s, and more.

radinn x-sport no fins

*Note that the Complete Freeride X-Sport package only comes with one pair of fins. To utilize all four fin boxes, riders will have to purchase the second pair of fins from a fin retailer or surf shop.

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