What’s included?

This high-value bundle gives you instant access to the most powerful performance perks Radinn has to offer. The free PRO upgrade makes you eligable for our UNLEASHED™ membership, which you’ll also score free for the first 6 months. That means access to our Surf Spots Guide, Masterclasses, and more. Plus you’ll get to experience the UNLEASHED™ ride mode, which delivers enough torque to pull off everything from the deepest turns to the highest aerials.

Golden opportunities

With the UNLEASHED™ membership comes automatic eligibility into our Golden Ticket Sweepstakes, reoccuring contests that award lucky subscribers the jetboard opportunites of a lifetime. You’ll never know when the chance of winning might pop up, but you can be sure they’ll be experiences you don’t want to miss. We’ll inform you everytime there’s a chance of winning the Golden Ticken in your part of the world.*

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* Radinn reserves the right to have different Golden Ticket Sweepstakes within different markets, as well as the right to withhold the Sweepstakes in certain markets that do not allow for the kinds of contests we have planned at any given time.

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