An eco-friendly mission

02 May, 2021

Learn how Radinn is setting the industry standard in sustainability.

As a company founded on the ethos that there are better ways to experience outdoor adventure, environmentally-responsible principles are at the heart of everything we do. 

Our electric jetboards were born from the desire to create a sustainable alternative to the gas-powered vehicles that saturate waterways with their noisy, petrol-guzzling engines. As a tool for natural exploration, the Radinn jetboard is an immersive riding experience that allows its users to appreciate the world around them. As a business, Radinn is committed to making sure these incredible experiences will be possible for centuries to come. 

Read on to learn more about our eco-friendly design and how we are setting the standard in sustainable jetboard performance. 


Jetboarding over Caribbean blue waters

Jetboarding over Caribbean blue waters.


Clean waterways

Radinn jetboards operate on a 100% electric battery and impeller jetpack, which means no exhaust to pollute waterways with gas and carbon dioxide emissions.

Why does this matter?

When carbon dioxide dissolves in seawater it creates carbonic acid, disrupting the natural pH value and resulting in ocean acidification and coral bleaching. This, in turn, creates a deadly trickle-down effect to the some 4,000 species of fish, and 25% percent of marine life, that depend on the reefs for survival.

NOAA: Ocean acidification > 
National Geographic: Scientists are trying to save coral reefs. Here’s what’s working >


Exploring the icy fjords of Norway.

Exploring the icy fjords of Norway.

Zero noise pollution

Radinn jetpacks are virtually silent, which means no noise pollution to disrupt local wildlife or your peaceful riding experience.

Why does this matter?

Most marine mammals are extremely sensitive to sound and rely on the principle sense for reproduction, feeding, navigation, and more. Sound can travel surprisingly long distances underwater, sometimes up to thousands of kilometers. Noise pollution has impacted the populations of over 55 species of marine life, causing damage to marine ecosystems and biodiversity.

BBC: Noise pollution “drowns out ocean soundscape” > 


Jet propulsion of the Radinn Freeride (Urban Rebel).

Jet propulsion of the Radinn Freeride (Urban Rebel).


Minimal disruption for spawning grounds

Radinn jetboards are designed to create less disturbance of bottom sediment, which is a vital spawning ground for many species.

Why does this matter?

The turbulence produced by boats and fuel-powered watercrafts significantly disturbs vegetation, plant growth, and sediments, which are a vital spawning ground for many aquatic species that make up an essential part of their ecosystem’s food chain.

WISE Marine: Physical loss and disturbance of the seabed >

Radinn's electric jetboard collection from 2020.

Less electronic waste

Whereas most watercrafts have their electronics integrated into the vehicle itself, the Radinn is a modular system — our advanced mechanics are concentrated exclusively within the battery pack and jet pack, which detach easily from the board. All Radinn models fit the same hardware, so customers can own multiple boards without needing to invest in an additional battery pack and jetpack every time they want to level up.

Why does this matter?

E-waste contains chemicals that are harmful to people and the environment. Radinn’s modular design not only decreases the need to manufacture unnecessary electronics, it also makes it easier to recycle the parts of the board that do need to be disposed of properly.

TIME: The world has an e-waste problem > 

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