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With an UNLEASHED™ membership comes the UNLEASHED™ ride mode, Radinn’s fastest performance level yet. This turbocharged setting delivers twenty percent more horsepower than our PRO mode. It’s an exhilarating jetboard experience built for the most radical of jetboard riders. And it’s all still fully electric.

Want to see if the UNLEASHED™ ride mode is right for you? Unlock the performance level for free with our 24-hour test, available now in the Radinn app. App must be updated to access.


Enter the

unleashed free test

Gain access to the UNLEASHED™ ride mode and Surf Spots map for up to 24 hours or until you fully deplete your battery.

Activate the free test today directly in your Radinn app. Note that your app must be updated to access.

6 months

Half year access to all UNLEASHED™
perks and rewards at € 59.95 / 6 month *

24 months

Two year access to all UNLEASHED™
perks and rewards at € 199.95 / 2 year *

* Memberships will automatically renew at the end of your cycle unless opted out beforehand

The perks of

Extreme performance doesn’t just mean going faster. It means more acceleration and torque, too. Take each one up a notch and you’ve got an entirely new speed sensation.

When it comes to evolving your jetboarding skills there’s a lot to be gained with UNLEASHED™. Swipe through the tips below to learn more about our improved areas of usage.

heat map golden ticket

More to your membership

Surf spots

Scout the best surf spots across the globe with a jetboarding guide curated by Radinn riders. This interactive map uses heat signatures to show where and how often members are riding. Create your own hot spots – and make waves around the world – by doing what you love most: surfing your favorite locations.

Exclusive insights

Be the first to know about new product drops and score insider access to members-only content, from UNLEASHED™-specific tutorials to industry wide intel. It’s like having a backstage jetboarding pass, right in your board shorts pocket.

Golden opportunities

Get automatic eligibility into our Golden Ticket Sweepstakes, reoccuring contests that award lucky subscribers the jetboard opportunites of a lifetime. We’ll inform you everytime there’s a chance of winning the Golden Ticket in your part of the world.*

* Radinn reserves the right to have different Golden Ticket Sweepstakes within different markets, as well as the right to withhold the Sweepstakes in certain markets that do not allow for the kinds of contests we have planned at any given time.


How does the UNLEASHED™ free test work?

The UNLEASHED™ free test gives you access to the UNLEASHED™ ride mode and Surf Spots map for up to 24 hours or until you deplete your battery. It can be activated from any Radinn account, even if you have not already purchased PRO riding mode.

What happens after my UNLEASHED™ free test ends?

Your UNLEASHED™ free test will automatically deactivate after 24 hours or once you deplete your battery. If you’d like to continue using UNLEASHED™, return to this page and purchase one of the UNLEASHED™ membership options. Note that you must already have PRO riding mode to become a full UNLEASHED™ member.

How does the UNLEASHED™ membership work?

The UNLEASHED™ membership gives you unlimited access to all UNLEASHED™ perks and rewards. To become an UNLEASHED™ member, you must already have PRO riding mode. Membership fees are taken in full at purchase. Membership will automatically renew at the end of your cycle unless you opt out beforehand. All memberships are binding and cannot be paused or canceled.

Can I talk to someone to learn more?

Yes! Reach out to a Radinn Jetboard Specialist at sales@radinn.com to get all of your UNLEASHED™ questions answered. Learn more about the UNLEASHED™ ride mode, get help activating the 24-hour test, and talk through what membership options make sense for you.

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