Tomorrow's technology. Today.

A collaborative system that monitors itself


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Electric power comes with benefits. It's clean, silent and powerful. The operating costs are negligible in comparison to traditional gasoline powered water crafts. The electric system is also equipped with clever features to improve user experience, provide safety and pro-long the products life-span. 

The Wakejet monitors and balances each individual battery cell, in real-time, during charge and discharge so that it ensures battery health. It also registers heat and amperage abnormalities, e.g. as a result of a foreign object entering the jet, in which case it will automatically shut off in order to prevent permanent damage. 

The Radinn mobile app and internal computer system is designed to allow for future software updates. New fun features in the mobile app and software will always come complimentary to the product, free of charge. 

We are prepared for the future of technology. And so is the Wakejet.  

Technical Specifications

Power and speed. And silence.


  • speed ~ 37-46 km/h* (23-29 mph) 

  • autonomy ~ 20-45 min** 

  • recharge ~ 2 hours 

  • composites - carbon fiber and kevlar, anodised aluminum 

  • dimensions - 190 cm x 80 cm x 18 cm 

  • close-to-zero maintenance 

  • replaceable battery pack

  • GPS and mobile application

  • wireless remote with board battery light indicator, induction charging



My next big thing will involve the Wakejet.
— Jeb Corliss, professional base jumper